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In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of 2D and 3D animations. 

Technical objective: You will develop both technical capabilities and creativity by using digital technologies to code, draw, animate, sculpt, produce electronic music, storyboard, and tell stories. These skills are useful in many current and future industries such as education, e-sports, digital advertising, medical imaging, and virtual tourism.

Life skills objective: The projects in this course are fun to develop, but they are also time-consuming.  Such work helps develop one's grit and ability to focus on the task. You will also learn to design from another's perspective, articulate your design decisions and collaborate with others.


This course is suitable for learners in Upper Primary and Lower Secondary with a basic command of English and computer skills.

You will require a Raspberry Pi computer with a mouse, webcam and a pair of headphones. 

Prerequisite course(s): None


To earn a completion badge for this course, you will need to complete at least 6 projects and present 1 showcase project during an open day. 

You can complete the course at your own pace. There are 20 lessons in the course, each lesson (about 2 hours) consisting of

  • CLASS work to be completed with the guidance of a mentor 
  • LAB work to be completed on your own with the support of a mentor

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